A Simple & Proven Way to Bounce Back Strong from

Life’s Setbacks

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It’s your time to become the person you have always known in your heart. The Art of Bouncing Back is a roadmap for self-discovery, self-confidence, and self-actualization. Join the Bounce Back Nation today and realize your full potential. 


In her debut, The Art of Bouncing Back, Coach Dar shares her proven methods that any business professional can use to bounce back from setbacks and thrive even in the toughest of times.

The reality is: life is unpredictable, and setbacks are inevitable. But with Coach Dar’s playbook, bouncing back becomes easy. 

Drawing on 26 years as an occupational therapist, leadership advisor, and performance coach, she’s helped top athletes, CEOs, and professionals gain a mental edge, get out of “slumps”, and become confident leaders. In The Art of Bouncing Back, she walks you through her proven process of overcoming setbacks quickly and effectively.

You’ll learn:

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Praise for The Art of Bouncing Back

“Coach Dar’s character and resilience are unmatched. Her love for people and passion to help everyone bounce back from adversity has led to this amazing and life changing book. I’m so thankful she wrote it, and am fired up you are reading it.”

Jon Gordon

WSJ Bestselling author, The Power of Positive Leadership and Fortune 500 Consultant

BUY 2, NOT 1!

Buy 2 not 1, because as soon as you start reading you’ll think of people who need to read it too. On second thought, buy a box! Coach Dar is an amazing soul and I am blessed to have been able to meet her in person and see her light and passion for helping others.

Kate Leavell | Verified Purchase


The Art of Bouncing Back game gives readers the strategies and techniques to help get up and going again after setbacks in your life, both personally and professionally. Coach Dar walk the walk, she has overcome three strokes and the loss of both her parents, she shares her personal experience as well as the experiences of her clients, including professional athletes, CEO's and world leaders. If you want to find your flow to thrive at work and life, anytime you are off your game, you must read this book. Everyone faces adversity in life, read this book to find out how to push forward!

Jackie Hutt | Verified Purchase


Coach Dar created a blue print on how best to bounce back from any set back… She delivers that blue print with heart and soulful kindness….and gets one into action!

Scott Kiburz Verified Purchase

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