Hi, I’m Darleen Santore!

I am here to see you win! 


Most know me as “Coach Dar.”

I help people like you say NO to the status quo, elevate your standards, and overcome adversity to reignite the fire within.

With a blend of psychology, neuroscience, life experience, and faith, I give you tools and support to create life-changing results.

My coaching is not for the faint of heart. But for those who are willing to show up and put in the work, I can help you reach the goals you thought were impossible.

My Story

Two decades ago, I was at the peak of success, with my life and career going just as I’d planned…

When a routine chiropractic adjustment ruptured a blood vessel in my brain, leading to 3 life-threatening strokes – the last one leaving me without the ability to speak. The doctors told me I could die at any point. 

In the blink of an eye, my life was no longer guaranteed. 

This catastrophe thrust me into an avalanche of challenges, including the daunting journey of regaining my speech. From this adversity, I learned what it takes to find the courage, resilience, and faith to bounce back. 

After my first stroke, I set out on a mission to fix the healthcare system. I became the CEO of a healthcare company at age 28. Then went on to run 6 other companies. 

Then, in 2008, the world came crashing down in the Great Recession.  

“Oh sugar,” I thought to myself. This was bad. The world was hurting. People around me were losing jobs, getting divorced, and they felt like life was OVER for them. 

That’s when God called me to a new path and I listened.

I did what you “shouldn’t” do (according to my family back in Jersey) and I left a lucrative career running multiple companies to ZERO MONEY and having no clients… 

Because I was called to help other people get back up and fight again – to help them overcome adversity and live their most inspired life. 

Just like I did after my stroke. I used science, psychology, and leadership to give people the tools to bounce back from whatever they were experiencing and become even stronger because of it.

Today, my hard-won success blueprint helps top CEOs, elite athletes, and professionals to go beyond their boundaries, so they can dominate in their personal and professional lives.

Proud to Serve Amazing Humans
Doing Good in The World!

My Mission

It’s truly not complicated! My mission is to offer hope, inspiration, joy, passion, and meaning to your everyday life, business, and profession. Because I know that if I help you do that, you can help me change the world from the inside out. 

My goal is to make you so successful in every aspect of your life that you change your family tree forever.

I want to help you create life-changing results while you create philanthropic overflow for generations.

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