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I’m so happy our paths crossed and I look forward to staying in touch with you. I offer weekly content and behind-the-scenes recaps on how we can all raise the bar together. You have an open invitation from my heart to yours to stay connected on any platform you choose!

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3. Get Your Copy of The Art of Bouncing Back

Discover how setbacks can become stepping stones and how resilience can help you tackle any challenge head-on. In this book, I’ll show you the blueprint for bouncing back and rising higher every time. By embracing the lessons adversity brings and connecting with your “Why-Power,” you can jumpstart your next life chapter with strength, clarity, and joy.

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HI i'm Dar!

Proud Italian, Nationally Recognized Board Certified Occupational Therapist, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Elite Performance Coach, Bestselling Author, and Global Keynote Speaker.

I’ve dedicated my life and career to guiding others toward their true potential. After battling back from 3 strokes and several major life setbacks, I discovered a proven blueprint for high-achieving professionals to gain a competitive edge while having a meaningful life that makes an impact. 

In my work, I blend real-world experience with cutting-edge neuroscience, all fueled by a genuine heart to serve. 

Whether you’re a high-flying exec, a next-gen athlete, or a go-getter with big dreams, pull up a chair at my table. Let’s shatter those barriers and turn your biggest dreams into reality.



A must read and a must share book!

Buy 2 not one because as soon as you start reading you’ll think of people who need to read it too. On second thought, buy a box! Coach Dar is an amazing soul and I am blessed to have been able to meet her in person and see her light and passion for helping others.

Verified Purchase - Kate Leavell

A must have book in everyones library!

The Art of Bouncing Back game gives readers the strategies and techniques to help get up and going again after setbacks in your life, both personally and professionally. Coach Dar walk the walk, she has overcome three strokes and the loss of both her parents, she shares her personal experience as well as the experiences of her clients, including professional athletes, CEO's and world leaders. If you want to find your flow to thrive at work and life, anytime you are off your game, you must read this book. Everyone faces adversity in life, read this book to find out how to push forward!

Verified Purchase Jackie Hutt

Powerful Purposeful Direction!

Coach Dar created a blue print on how best to bounce back from any set back… She delivers that blue print with heart and soulful kindness….and gets one into action!

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