The 5 Plays
To Greatness

WRAP-UP | Putting it All Together

Congratulations! You completed the masterclass! 🥳


Are you ready to team up?

Excellence isn’t just a goal. It’s a COMMITMENT. 

It’s that fire in your belly, that unstoppable drive to squeeze every drop of greatness from your time, talent, and resources, that puts you a step ahead of everyone else.

So.. What’s YOUR next power move?

  • Are you ready to turn your knowledge into ACTION?
  • Will you finally get off the sidelines and into the GAME?
  • Do you need help fine-tuning your success STRATEGY?

When I first set out on my own journey, I had no idea where it would take me. But I took the leap of faith and let me tell you…

It was absolutely worth it. It’s a commitment I’d make again in a heartbeat.

So let’s keep going TOGETHER.

If you’re ready for true greatness, I can help you get there.



Here are 2 ways I can help:



Become a part of my unstoppable tribe of countless elite leaders, top athletes, professionals, and high achievers!


Join my Elite Achievers
Coaching Program

Get personalized 1:1 coaching from Dar to unearth the powerhouse with you and redefine success on your own terms.


Join "Raise The Bar" Retreat

An Experiential 2-Day event to propel you to the top of your game so you can live and lead with excellence


Join the Bounce Back Community

Get started with my FREE video series, 3-Minute Success Hacks.

When you join my community, you’ll receive FREE peak performance wisdom on a weekly basis. Through my free resources and videos, you’ll get the latest in science-backed strategies for success in your career and life. 




One to One Coaching

Where I Personally Walk With You to Bring Out the Best in you.

If you’re serious about stepping up as a leader, finding harmony between work and life, and tackling challenges head-on, you may be a good fit for my 1-on-1 coaching program.

This high-impact program is designed to help you break professional barriers and gain mental clarity, even if you’ve faced setbacks.

Get expert guidance tailored to your unique challenges and goals to make informed decisions and fast-track your path to success.

Get dedicated feedback on your assignments so you can maintain a consistent growth trajectory, internalize key learnings, and stay committed to your goals. Each session lasts half an hour.

Stay updated with a wealth of knowledge from expert virtual trainings to help you continuously build your skills and stay ahead of the curve

Access a suite of top-tier materials curated for your peak performance so you can consistently achieve your goals and maintain optimal performance during your partnership with Dar.

Experience highly sought-after retreats in exciting destinations at a discounted rate allowing you to immerse yourself in learning, networking, and exploration without stretching your budget.



"Raise The Bar"

The Retreat "Experience" EARLY BIRD $7497.00

You might be thinking, "I've been to retreats and seminars before. How is this any different?" Coach Dar’s approach to coaching is unlike any other. This is not your typical sit-down-and-listen event. This is a highly interactive, immersive experience that combines neuroscience, cutting-edge research, and high-level coaching to help you reach new heights in just 2 days. While most events focus on one aspect – be it professional development, personal growth, or health and wellness – the "Experience" is a holistic experience. Come share quality time with Coach Dar and special guests where you will experience elevated living, a community of curious optimizers, and a darn good time! In a world that’s moving so fast it’s hard to find the time and space to expand your human potential until now. This is where you will join Dar at the exclusive property known as Promontory Club with over 7,000 acres in Park City Utah This will be an experience like no other.


Avaliable Every Where Books Are Sold


Discover how to pour a strong emotional foundation, accept feedback, connect with your “Why-Power,” and create your own bounce-back environment. Every chapter provides a blueprint that helps you learn more about yourself so you can identify the exact pivot you need to push forward, start reframing your setbacks, and cultivate the strength you need to handle future adversity better.


A must read and a must share book!

Buy 2 not one because as soon as you start reading you’ll think of people who need to read it too. On second thought, buy a box! Coach Dar is an amazing soul and I am blessed to have been able to meet her in person and see her light and passion for helping others.

Verified Purchase - Kate Leavell

A must have book in everyones library!

The Art of Bouncing Back game gives readers the strategies and techniques to help get up and going again after setbacks in your life, both personally and professionally. Coach Dar walk the walk, she has overcome three strokes and the loss of both her parents, she shares her personal experience as well as the experiences of her clients, including professional athletes, CEO's and world leaders. If you want to find your flow to thrive at work and life, anytime you are off your game, you must read this book. Everyone faces adversity in life, read this book to find out how to push forward!

Verified Purchase Jackie Hutt

Powerful Purposeful Direction!

Coach Dar created a blue print on how best to bounce back from any set back… She delivers that blue print with heart and soulful kindness….and gets one into action!

Verified Purchase Scott Kiburz